trained and brainwashed

HAIL SATAN, it is trained and brainwashed - for it’s total destruction - while beeing in it’s sexal xtasy. It adores satanic muscled masters and big cock, slave

My Soul Belongs To Satan

I Sean of sound mind and of my own free will do hereby make known to the world that I am formally renouncing and denouncing the fucking, goddamn Holy Trinity in the name of my true Master and Creator, Lord Satan, ruler of the universe. I furthermore break all ties and renounce my xristian batism, communion and confirmation with that no good fucker Jesus Xrist, cunt and loser. His psychotic father in that foul kingdom of Heaven can rot in the nether world of darkness and abysis. The fucking piece of shit holy spirit can shrival up and rot as well. I therefore renounce the goddamn fucking holy spirit and curse it to the day I die. Holy Spirit can eat my shit and drink my piss.  I’ll fucking corode it with my demonic seed if I ever get the chance to fuck the shit. All of this said, I dedicate myself to serving the one true God, Almighty Satan. As I rejoice to knowledge now that in the woman’s wound Satan planted His evil seed at the time of my conception.  I embrace my coven with Lord Satan and look to the hour of my calling of damnation to join His demons in all eternity in the depths and darkness of Hell.  Ave Satanas!

Release the BEAST within #HAILSATAN #666 #demons #SATAN #Baphomet #vril

HELL YEAH 3:)_\m/


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I certainly do every moment I’m on this realm.


Feel the power and strength

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My offering to Father Satan

I give Satan my Soul,Mind and body, for his glory. I offer myself to Satan, to take me and make me His, Let His perversion take me, so i can glorify Satan. Ave Satanas. Hail Satan!

Infernal blessings to ALL satanists on this realm #satanicblessings #HailSATAN #VRIL

total sacrifice

HAIL ALLMIGHTY SATAN, it is praying to THEE with all it heart devotion and power. Please let it be more than a myth or phantasy make it true  - send it a master who is really knowledgable and can get it into real death in it’s utmost sexual xtasy, HAIL SATAN, FUCK CHRIST, slave

HOLE, body and soul….

I offer my hole, my soul and my body to Satan and all that worship the Master.



NO seed refused…HAIL


NO seed refused…HAIL

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I offer my body to SATAN.

Satanic Commitment

As testimony of my commitment and dedication to the only one and true God, Lord Satan, Master of the Universe, I offer my body, mind, cock, hole and whole soul to Our Lord and Master - the Almighty Devil, whom I worship, love, glorify and adore throughout this life and in the next in His Kingdom of Hell.  May He impart His Evil upon me and bless me with damnation for all eternity. Open the gates of Hell to me Master, as I renounce and denounce the bastard xrist, his contemptuous and malcontent father, his foul kingdom and especially the odious and rotten holy spirit. Xrist is no more, Lucifer reigns as the Kingdom of Hell prevails. Hail Lord Satan forever and ever!

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with brighter eyes


with brighter eyes

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